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At goldsafefinance, Nothing is more important than strengthening our community relationship, we proudly support, sponsor and partner with NGO's in the community

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To fuel the success of local entrepreneurs and diversify Our economy for generations to come.

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Designed to support your journey toward life-long financial well-being.

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Partnering with Mana Up

We’re in this business since 1988 and provide the best services

  • Grow our economy &

  • provide more local jobs

  • Embrace what makes our community unique

  • Create a sustainable Economy for future generations

Supporting local has never been more meaningful than it is today. goldsafefinance Bank and Mana Up, a local accelerator program, are joining forces in a celebration of local makers and artisans.

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The Essential Steps to
Follow When Getting and Using a HELOC

Getting a HELOC can help you achieve your dreams, from education to home renovation. To get the most out of your HELOC, follow these steps.




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Research for the Best HELOC Deal

You'll want to shop around to find the best deal. Some lenders may offer a low introductory rate for the first 12 to 60 months of a HELOC, making it tempting to jump into a bargain, but make sure you take into account the rate that will be applied after that promotional period, since it will be higher and most likely variable, meaning your monthly payments could increase significantly over the life of the loan.

Budget and Plan Your HELOC, from Beginning to End

When applying for a HELOC, it's smart to plan, and then plan some more. For starters, you should think carefully about how much you really need to borrow. Just because you may be able to tap into, for example, $400,000 of your home’s equity, it doesn't mean you should necessarily max out your credit capacity.

Spend Your HELOC Funds on the Right Things

Once you've secured your HELOC, remember to use the funds on projects that will build value, such as home renovations. HELOCs aren't intended to help you live above your means and shouldn't be spent on anything risky. Think carefully about using your HELOC on depreciating assets such as vehicles, vacations or luxury goods, and avoid speculative gambles such as investing money in the stock market.

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